ere are more tropical fish species out there than you could ever count. You want your tank to be filled with beautiful fish that will give you hours of enjoyment. Here are some of the more popular fish species that people are including in their aquariums. The fish species we will be talking about here are all freshwater fish. For beginners, freshwater tanks are easier to take care of and afford. They give you just as much fun and pleasure as saltwater without the learning curve. You can always adapt your tank for buy a new one to accommodate saltwater tropical fish in the future. Catfish –  There are several species of tropical catfish you can keep in your tank. The best thing about catfish is that they are bottom feeders. They will eat food from the lower end of the tank and scavenge around. They are perfect for community environments since they keep to themselves on the bottom. Use a soft surface on the bottom of the tank since they forage for food ther

  There is almost nothing sweeter than a furry friend wearing a stylish vest. From trendy to whimsical, any vest will be sure to pull in plenty of compliments. Keep your companion warm and looking great with these vest ideas. Knitting and Crocheting If you have the proper craft skills, then put them to good use and make your furry friend a super sweet and toasty warm vest. If you don’t personally crochet or knit, find out if any of your friends or family do. Grandmothers are a good bet, and many possess this once-common skill. This kind of vest is both stylish and warm. Matching Vests for You and Your Pup If being twins with your dog is your cup of tea, make matching vests out of practically anything. You can either buy yourself a vest and then make a smaller one for your four-legged friend, or create both vests from scratch. Quilted vests are a good style that look great on both humans and their pets, and will keep you both warm when the weather turns chil

  Although there can be some conflict between motor sports lovers and other outdoor enthusiasts, a little respect can go a long way. Also keep in mind that many people who hunt, fish, hike, etc, also ride or have ridden ATV’s and vice versa. Many hunters will use ATV trails to cover ground quickly and get into areas that are usually undisturbed and catch their prey unsuspecting. Most hunters realize that deer and turkey do get used to the sight and sound of ATVs on trails. However, when you leave the trail with your ATV, you are disturbing the wildlife and possibly flood plains, which give other nature lovers and lawmakers a solid reason to restrict ATV riding to certain designated areas. e ATV trail is a place for dirt, mud, gravel and romance? Today’s ladies are hardly the proper models of the Victorian Era; in fact, there are plenty of gals out there just itching to ride their four-wheelers with as much gusto as their male counterparts. So if you’re a du

 The price range of vehicles also ranges widely. You can get inexpensive sedans on the low end, or very classy SUVs on the high end. In fact, unless someone knew what to look for, a diesel vehicle by and large looks exactly like a normal vehicle on the outside. Cost Factors: Do You Save Money? Unfortunately, the answer is most likely "no." Because more expensive technology goes into making diesel vehicles, and because they're not produced at the same scale as other vehicles, the upfront cost tends to be a bit higher than their gas counterparts. Do you save money on gas? The answer is "maybe." Sometimes the price of diesel is below standard gas prices, but sometimes it's higher than premium gas. The fluctuations are so wide that it's difficult to tell whether you're actually saving money or not. In other words, if money is the main reason you're considering diesel, you might want to consider a hybrid instead. All thing

  The bowline has been called the king of knots. Nothing can jam it. It will never slip if properly made. It can be tied in the hand forming a loop that may be dropped over a cleat, Bitt, or piling or formed around a mooring ring. A Clove or ratline hitch is a convenient knot for making a line fast to a spar, the standing part of another line, a piling, or a Bollard. It is used to temporarily fasten a line, but it must be watched as it might undo if slack. When under a strain, however, it will not slip, but when under a hard strain, it will set up tight and may be difficult to break loose. The correct method of securing a line to a double Bitt is to make one turn on the first post of the Bitt and then make several wraps of the line in a figure eight pattern over both posts of the Bitt. This method may be undone quickly if necessary. Further security may be had by belaying the bitter end coming off the Bitt on a nearby cleat. On a single post Bollard the

  The first flight accomplished carrying a person was launched by two French brothers who were determined to achieve the seemingly impossible task of flying high in the sky in a hydrogen-filled balloon. The excitement of their undertaking drew crowds of people, and immediately created a popular fascination in the art of hot air ballooning.  Hot air ballooning has experienced much growth over the years, and has gained much popularity as a recreational practice the world over. In the 1950s and 1960s, modern hot air balloons were pioneered using on board heat sources. Today, people see the practice as one of fun and adventure. The exhilaration of lift off and the feeling of floating above the earth is a sensation that one must experience for oneself. Though the hot air balloon is undoubtedly not for everyone, most find it to be the sort of event that they look forward to scheduling again in the future. No matter what one might seek in scheduling a flight,

  Bitts and Bollards are heavily built devices for belaying lines. Bitts may be classified as single, double, H-Bitt, Cruciform Bitt and others.  Bollards may have a single post, double posts (either vertical or angled outward from center), Cruciform, staghorn, and many other styles. Sometimes Bitts are called Bollards and vice versa. Friction is necessary to keep lines attached to Bitts, Bollards, Cleats, Lines, or other things. Friction increases as the "normal force" increases. The normal force is the perpendicular force between two objects. When the load on a line increases, say by the boat drifting away from the dock with the line tension increasing as a result, the normal force between the line and the Bollard increases and therefore the friction increases. The connection will hold if the total friction between the wraps of the line and the Bollard is greater than the force on the line to the boat, otherwise it will slip.