There is almost nothing sweeter than a furry friend wearing a stylish vest. From trendy to whimsical, any vest will be sure to pull in plenty of compliments. Keep your companion warm and looking great with these vest ideas.

Knitting and Crocheting

If you have the proper craft skills, then put them to good use and make your furry friend a super sweet and toasty warm vest. If you don’t personally crochet or knit, find out if any of your friends or family do. Grandmothers are a good bet, and many possess this once-common skill. This kind of vest is both stylish and warm.

Matching Vests for You and Your Pup

If being twins with your dog is your cup of tea, make matching vests out of practically anything. You can either buy yourself a vest and then make a smaller one for your four-legged friend, or create both vests from scratch. Quilted vests are a good style that look great on both humans and their pets, and will keep you both warm when the weather turns chilly.


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