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  The bowline has been called the king of knots. Nothing can jam it. It will never slip if properly made. It can be tied in the hand forming a loop that may be dropped over a cleat, Bitt, or piling or formed around a mooring ring. A Clove or ratline hitch is a convenient knot for making a line fast to a spar, the standing part of another line, a piling, or a Bollard. It is used to temporarily fasten a line, but it must be watched as it might undo if slack. When under a strain, however, it will not slip, but when under a hard strain, it will set up tight and may be difficult to break loose. The correct method of securing a line to a double Bitt is to make one turn on the first post of the Bitt and then make several wraps of the line in a figure eight pattern over both posts of the Bitt. This method may be undone quickly if necessary. Further security may be had by belaying the bitter end coming off the Bitt on a nearby cleat. On a single post Bollard the

  The first flight accomplished carrying a person was launched by two French brothers who were determined to achieve the seemingly impossible task of flying high in the sky in a hydrogen-filled balloon. The excitement of their undertaking drew crowds of people, and immediately created a popular fascination in the art of hot air ballooning.  Hot air ballooning has experienced much growth over the years, and has gained much popularity as a recreational practice the world over. In the 1950s and 1960s, modern hot air balloons were pioneered using on board heat sources. Today, people see the practice as one of fun and adventure. The exhilaration of lift off and the feeling of floating above the earth is a sensation that one must experience for oneself. Though the hot air balloon is undoubtedly not for everyone, most find it to be the sort of event that they look forward to scheduling again in the future. No matter what one might seek in scheduling a flight,