The bowline has been called the king of knots. Nothing can jam it. It will never slip if properly made. It can be tied in the hand forming a loop that may be dropped over a cleat, Bitt, or piling or formed around a mooring ring.

A Clove or ratline hitch is a convenient knot for making a line fast to a spar, the standing part of another line, a piling, or a Bollard. It is used to temporarily fasten a line, but it must be watched as it might undo if slack. When under a strain, however, it will not slip, but when under a hard strain, it will set up tight and may be difficult to break loose.

The correct method of securing a line to a double Bitt is to make one turn on the first post of the Bitt and then make several wraps of the line in a figure eight pattern over both posts of the Bitt. This method may be undone quickly if necessary. Further security may be had by belaying the bitter end coming off the Bitt on a nearby cleat. On a single post Bollard the usual way is to use an appropriate sized loop of line over the Bollard or as described earlier or tie several hitches to the Bollard. A Bollard with cross pieces will help keep a loop from slipping off; even so secure ways of belaying are preferred to ensure that the line will not accidentally come off.


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